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When you feel unsteady, you are not confident in your balance.


Our passion is getting and keeping you steady on your feet.


We focus on improving balance confidence.


How confident are you with your current balance?


Understanding all the parts involved in helping you feel steady can be quite complex. Our bodies respond in a variety of ways to keep us steady. We incorporate multiple strategies into our treatment programs.

Science and research are continually evolving. We do our best to bring research to life!


To help you feel more steady on your feet we include activities that will improve how you walk. We also have you do activities that are anticipatory and reactive in nature. We make sure you challenge your brain as you move. Lastly we do our best to consider what has been learned about inoculation against falls.

  • Most physical therapists focus on anticipatory activities. These are activities that you learn to do through practice. You can plan how you want to move before you actually move.


  • This is the dream. The science is very strong in this research. Unfortunately, at this time, no one is able to truly offer what science suggests. The equipment is currently only available in a laboratory. We do our best to attempt to clinically bring to life the theory behind inoculation against falls.


  • Activities focused on reactive strategies help your body to learn more quickly how to safely respond.


Our hearts sink when we hear someone has fallen. A fall happens in a second. One fall affects the lives of many. Can you identify someone who needs our help?



We listen. We care. We get results.

Selena Horner

Physical Therapist

Anna Dippold

Office Coordinator

What our clients are saying.

"Total confidence and trust in Red Cedar Physical Therapy. Comfortable with the therapy. Know that Selena is an excellent therapist and that she cares about me as a person. She treats the whole person as well as any injury."

- Dennis T

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