Do Open Online Physiotherapy Resources Support Individuals In Low Income Countries?

Thanks for taking time to "visit" with me online.


Before I speak to you via video, I want to take time to thank Kim Jackson for presenting for me. This weekend is an annual ice hockey tournament (with a bit of mountain biking tossed in) that I spend with my husband. Because of Kim, I am able to share what I learned.

I have a few other people who need recognition. Creating a poster is a learning experience. I reached out and asked for help on Twitter because I could not figure out how to get the map vision I had in my head on paper.


Special thanks to Andy Parsons, PT for pointing me in the right direction and to Deb Wildenhaus, PT for problem-solving the bubble legend. Lastly, much thanks to Rachael Lowe, PT and Tony Lowe, PhD who are the true epitome of supporters of lifelong learning. They freely shared data to answer my question. Their input also helped improve the eye appeal and clarity of this poster.

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