When you are unsteady, you are not confident in your balance. Through challenges your body adapts and balance improves. Let us guide you through this process.

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  • Balance improves with challenges.

  • Challenges need to be outside your comfort zone.

  • Safety measures are required as you perform challenging activities.

  • Your body adapts so previous challenges are no longer challenging.

  • New balance challenges need to be introduced.

  • Your premier team will expertly guide you through the process.


Most physical therapists use gait belts during treatment sessions focused on improving steadiness.

We use an overhead track, a rope hoist and a harness. We keep the rope loose to allow "falls" in the harness.

We know this is the best approach because it allows for real challenges to be introduced to you.

These challenges help you learn how to move and, at times, fail. When you "fall" in the harness your brain and body learn.

It is through challenges, failures and practice that you become more steady.

The neatest part of the method we use is the incremental improvement observed during sessions and between sessions.




Twenty years ago I was working with a lady who had problems with her balance. I jokingly told her that I wished I could string her from the ceiling like a puppet so we could do more fun things that were challenging while keeping her safe. Holding onto a gait belt and preventing a fall went against everything I learned in sports medicine.


Our bodies respond to the demands we place on them. Ever since I have been a physical therapist, I have been cheating every single patient by under-delivering on my services in the area of improving balance confidence. Keeping people too safe does not allow them to feel an almost fall nor does it help their bodies learn how to respond to an almost fall.


Feeling that scary feeling of falling and learning how to respond is what it takes to improve balance confidence. In 2016, I decided to go for what I know to be the best way to improve balance confidence.  The love and support of my family, along with a little bit of courage, have helped make this vision possible.

~Selena Horner

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