Relieve Pain


Pain is more complex than you'd imagine. 


Did you realize that someone who has lost an arm or a leg can have pain in their nonexistent body part? Really, really! In the medical world, we call that phantom pain. Even crazier yet, when stroking the person's cheek, the sensation can be felt in the nonexistent body part!


What's that mean to you? It simply means that science has changed over the years. Pain does not necessarily mean you have something horribly wrong or any damage at the location of your pain! Crazy, huh? Lorimer Moseley tells it best in a 15 minute TEDx presentation.


If you have pain, you need members on your team who understand the science of pain. Your team members need to know that pain does not equate to harm. Here is a quick 5 minute primer on understanding pain.


Do you have the right team addressing your pain? If you want someone who understands the science of pain, you definitely need us on your team!

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