1. Have you noticed slight changes in your balance?

  2. Are you able to confidently tip your head back with your eyes closed as you rinse your hair in the shower?

  3. When you go up or down stairs, are you using handrails more often than you have in the past?

  4. Are you able to confidently stand on one foot for 10 seconds?

  5. Are you able to confidently walk outdoors on uneven ground?

  6. Can you move from sit to stand without using your hands to help you?


Give yourself 2 points if you answered yes to questions 2, 4, 5 and 6. Give yourself 2 points if you answered no to questions 1 and 3.


Interpret your score:


9-12: Fantastic Confidence 

  6-8: Below Average Confidence

  3-5: Poor Confidence

  0-2: No Confidence


If you scored anywhere between 0 and 7, you need us on your team to help improve your confidence so you don't fall and hurt yourself!


Watch our video on the exclusive experience you can have a Red Cedar Physical Therapy! We are the Lansing area's premier location for improving your balance confidence.

Improve Balance Confidence

Take this Balance Confidence Test to see if you need to improve your balance confidence.

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