• Selena Horner

Dream Complete!

On Wednesday we had more work done in the clinic. For over 20 years I've had an idea in my head and I finally figured out a way to make it reality! It amazes me how things slowly fall into place, you know? Science is *finally* catching up with my idea. As of this year, my long ago idea has credibility. As much as possible, I try to know the science of what I provide. So many people fall prey to gimmicks and I've worked hard to not be involved with gimmicks.

Cheers to this new venture and bringing a history of my professional past into the forefront. My thesis way too many years ago involved understanding static balance. It cracks me up that I thought it was awesomely cool to understand the various components involved in the ability to stand without falling. Yes, I've learned lots from so many of you over the years! I now know standing isn't as relevant as moving with confidence. I believe I now have a system in place to truly improve one's balance and confidence while walking or moving.

If you know me, you also know that my "plan" isn't quite completely figured out yet and I'll be having a ball experimenting with the ideas in my head! As what is typical for me, a few ideas will be complete failures and others will be fantastic.

below: The crew laid out the track and pieces

Below: The turntable was the initial component to set. The crew used a laser to set the turntable. The crew also used the laser to snap a line on the ceiling which was then used to install brackets. (The brackets are the little squares you see on the ceiling.)

Below: Pretty cool, huh? The chain moves through the track. The cords move the turntable so the person can work either over the Shuttle Balance or walk along the long part of the track.

Below: There is it... all pretty and finished! Let the fun begin!

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