• Selena Horner

Partnerships and Stages

If you have ever experienced changing weather seasons, you become conditioned to how your world changes in a generalized, somewhat predictable pattern.

For example, you've seen perennial gardens appear to be barren and dull in the fall.

Yet you know that very same garden has the potential to slowly come alive with color in the spring.

And you know that same garden can dazzle you with vibrant colors in mid summer.

A physical therapist has a unique perspective when it comes to working with all sorts of people in various stages of health and abilities. These stages are quite like the seasons of the year. Physical therapist are unique because they seek to partner with individuals.

The partnership focuses on function. Physical therapists understand pain, the healing process, movement patterns and bodies; individuals know their bodies better than anyone else. Individuals also know the areas in which they are not able to function normally.

The foundation of the partnership is the belief that improvement is not instantaneous; no magic bullet exists. A physical therapist knows that individuals often improve in stages. Some stages are time dependent; some stages have progressive builds within them before reaching the next stage. With the right tools, physical therapists can actually capture the stage and changing stage of the individual.

Although physical therapists can do all sorts of things during office visits, these activities are minor in comparison to the thinking, planning and execution of a strategy to reach the individual's goal(s). The individuals who partner with a physical therapist know they have an important role. Success is dependent upon individuals taking action: changing habits, beginning new habits and being consistent. Improving one's function takes work.

The best physical therapists will listen and problem-solve with individuals. The best individuals to partner with physical therapists are those willing to do the work to gain improvement. If you are in need of a physical therapist, maybe we can help?

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