• Selena Horner

In the Eyes of a Physical Therapist

Every day physical therapists spend hours observing movement patterns. I'm pretty sure to most average individuals walking is walking is walking. It's not!

I thought I'd share a visual example of simple beauty. While on a weekend with my daughter Alyssa and one of my first friends from way back in my St. Mary days (think 1st grade!), we headed to a kite festival in Grand Haven.

This gentleman wearing a blue cap moved with simple beauty.

This professional kiter demonstrates fluid lines of movement and uses his big stabilizing muscles nicely. By that I mean, he uses his butt, hips, and legs to anchor himself and power his movements. His shoulder and elbow positions are also in a position of power. And look at his low back... beautiful lines.

Now, if you are wondering how he looked when the kite was *way* up in the air... let me share!

Again, he really uses his butt, hips and legs with simple power. He keeps his low back in a nice position. Even though the kite is way up in the air, he maintains a safe position as he uses his hands to guide the kite through the various flight patterns.

Since I'm sure many of you are thinking I'm a bit crazy in finding beauty with how this gentleman moves, let me share a head to head comparison.

The gentleman to the right of blue cap guy has sloppy movement patterns. My eyes don't rivet to him. Look at his back - his upper back is rounded, his lower back doesn't look like it has a strong foundation to help power his butt, hips and legs. Wait... he isn't even using his butt and hips for power. He's just falling back, probably in a bit of an equal and opposite reaction to the force of the kite. And his shoulders... I shudder.

As you can see, there are definite differences in movement patterns. Even simple movement patterns like walking up a flight of stairs can be analyzed through the eyes of a physical therapist.

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