• Selena Horner

Knee Surgery or No Surgery

We believe surgery is needed when something inside of us is damaged.

Research is proving that surgery should not be the first choice if you have a meniscal tear because of degenerative changes. Degenerative change implies that your meniscus has a bit of wear - which it should! How long have you lived! We do maintain our bodies in an upright position, so of course, our knees are going to wear! If the tear is due to a recent trauma, surgery may be indicated.

Since I mentioned degenerative changes, you can also look at that as being like arthritis. Guess what? Physical therapists are right up there ranked as a top choice to help you learn what you can do to reduce the pain intensity you experience.

I know this because the New England Journal of Medicine just published their Journal Watch highlighting to doctors how physical therapists can help with these two knee issues.

I would like to share a physical therapist's perspective on this. I don't believe physical therapists can help 100% of the time.

Information to help you make a decision.

  1. Severe pain: see your doctor or orthopaedic surgeon.

  2. Your knee literally locks into a position and you have to use your hands to unlock it: see your orthopaedic surgeon.

  3. Your knee feels like it is going to give away or buckle or it does buckle: see your orthopaedic surgeon.

Number 1 is not fun. Ready to cry severe pain needs definite pain control. Number 2 and 3 put you at risk of falling.

Mild to moderate pain, stiffness, aching, and difficulty using your knee are what physical therapists excel in managing.

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