Medical Treatment Goal: Cure and control your cancer.

Physical Therapy Treatment Goal: Improve your well-being.

Medical treatments have en effect on both cancer and your body.

Physical therapy treatments are designed to reduce the effects of cancer-related problems.

Prospective Surveillance

As soon as you are diagnosed with cancer, we can help. 

Our role is to help determine your current level of function.

As you go through your journey with cancer, we would help monitor how your body is responding.

During Treatment

Chemotherapy treatments, radiation and surgical procedures affect your body in various ways.

As you are receiving treatment, physical therapy can help reduce some of the symptoms you may experience.

After Treatment

Quite often, after you complete your course of medical treatment, you really aren't able to do the things you'd like to do.


You may feel fatigued or weak. You may not have the same amount of endurance. You may feel unsteady. We can help!

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