Hip, Knee, Ankle Pain/Problems


If your legs aren't moving like they should, getting things done is more of a chore!


Walking, going up and down stairs, running and standing require a coordinated effort from your ankles right on up to your hips. If truth be told, it's actually a full body coordinating act!


The lady in this image isn't moving normally. Her left foot is turned outward a bit while her left knee isn't pointed straight ahead. As she's lifting her body weight onto her right leg, she's letting her right knee cave a bit as she leans quite a bit to her left. She may be using her right hand on her right knee as she goes up because she looks like she might be slightly forward bent.


You need a physical therapist on your team because you need someone who is able to look at the full picture and help design a strategy to improve your situation. Seeing a physical therapist first for your hip, knee or ankle problems is a wise decision.



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