Please do not think arthritis has to stop you in your tracks or substantially limit your life! If you don't pay attention to your movements and your body begins to compensate for pain or stiffness, in time, arthritis will limit you.


Take a quick quiz!


  1. Do you stand on a stool to reach into your cupboard because your shoulder feels stiff and doesn't reach as far?

  2. Have you raised the seat of your toilet height because it's becoming a bit more difficult to get off the toilet?

  3. Do you notice you use your hands to help you stand up?

  4. Are you going up the stairs one step at a time?

  5. Do you turn your body to go up or down the stairs?

  6. Are you noticing difficulty putting on your clothes or tucking in your shirt?

  7. Are you parking closer to entrances to buildings so you don't have to walk as far?

  8. Do you walk briskly for 30-45 minutes a day?

  9. Do you lift weights as a strengthening exercise three times a week?

  10. Do you do any sort of activity  specifically focused on improving your heart function, your balance, your endurance or your strength 5 times a week for 30 minutes?


If you answered yes to questions 1-7, give yourself 2 points. If you answered no to questions 8-10, give yourself 2 points.


If you scored a 6 or greater, you definitely need a physical therapist!



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